A novel polymer-mineral ZRO2-GD2O3 radiopaque nanocomposite with hyaluronic acid coating for repair of bone defects in experiment P.78-83

O.I. Hodovan, O.Yu. Klyuchivska, O.V. Godovanyi, N.Ye. Mitina


The aim of this study was to evaluate the ability of novel
polymer-mineral radiopaque nanocomposites based on
ZrO2-Gd2O3 nanoparticles with polyelectrolyte-hyaluronic
acid shell (Z1 and Z2) to enhance repair of artificially
created defect in caudal vertebra bone of rats.
Material and Methods. 18 white outbred female rats of 8-9
months of age and 300-350 g body weight were used in the
experiments. The animals were divided into 3 groups, each
including 6 rats. An artificial defect was produced in rat's
vertebra and further regeneration of the osseous tissue was
performed by using synthesized nanocomposites Z1 and Z2
of different consistency. ²n the control group, the bone defect
was sutured below the blood clot. Radiological
investigations were carried out in different terms of bone
regeneration (15 and 30 days after surgical intervention).
Results and Discussion. Created biomaterials demonstrated
biocompatibility as soon as in the two first weeks after
surgery. Their application was not accompanied by
inflammatory reaction and suppuration of the regenerate,
opposite to formation of large areas of destruction of the
osseous tissue during regeneration of bone defect in control
group of rats in which regeneration of the defect was
performed under blood clot. High density of Z1 material
allows keeping it in the centre of the bone defect, opposite
to Z2 material leaking from the defect area (15 and 30 days
after surgical intervention).
Conclusions. Novel in vivo experimental model of caudal
vertebra proved its efficiency in testing materials used for
regeneration of the osseous tissue. Created polymer-mineral nanocomposite based on ZrO2-Gd2O3 nanoparticles with the
hyaluronic acid shell effectively enhanced regeneration of
bone defect. The clinical biotolerance, radiopacity, as well
as high integration of applied Z1 material with the osseous
tissue of recipient bed have been demonstrated.
Keywords: ZrO2-Gd2O3, radiopaque nanocomposite, osseous
defect, rat's caudal vertebra

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