Aim. Drugs currently used to treat candidiasis are
characterized by significant toxicity, and their frequent and
irrational use contributes to the formation of resistant
strains. Due to the increasing prevalence of drug-resistant
microorganisms, there is a great need to find effective new
drugs of natural or synthetic origin. The aim of this study
was to examine the àntifungal activity of 90% water-ethanol
extracts of medicinal plants gathered from flora of the
Carpathian region, the Carpathians, and the Black Sea
region of Ukraine.
Methods. Dried, minced, raw plants were extracted with 90%
ethanol for 2 weeks (the ratio of raw material / extractant
1:10). The antifungal activity of 157 water - ethanol plant
extracts on Candida spp. was tested by the agar diffusion
method and the method of double serial dilutions. Structural
morphological changes of Candida albicans under the
influence of water-ethanol extracts were studied by electron
Results. The agar diffusion method showed that 74 extracts
inhibited the growth of Candida, and 20 water-ethanol
extracts showed high fungicidal activity by the two-fold
serial dilution method (Veratrum album, Aegopodium
podagraria, Gentiana cruciata, Polygonatum verticillatum,
Ligusticum mutellinum, Agrimonia eupatoria, Dryopteris
filix-mas, Lathyrus niger, Scrophularia nodosa, Genista
tinctoria, Ranunculus arvensis, Ribes nigrum, Heracleum
sibiricum, Calystegia sepium, Rosmarinus officinalis,
Thymus, Populous nigra, Urtica dioica, Lilium candidum);
their minimal inhibitory concentrations ranged from 0.3 to
1.6 mg/mL. Under the influence of water and ethanol extracts
of the leaves of Ribes nigrum 0.3 mg/mL and Polygonatum
verticillatum 0.6 mg/mL, cell wall deformation and cell
disruption resulting in the yeasts releasing their contents
were observed.
Conclusions. A total of 20 water-ethanol extracts of
medicinal plants were found to inhibit the growth of
Candida, and they may serve in the future as bases for new
therapeutic agents to fight candidal infections.
Keywords: Candida species, medicinal plants, antifungal

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