Acute mesenteric ischemia (AMI) is one of the urgent abdominal
diseases that is most difficult to manage and has a high mortality
rate. The aim of this study was to develop an algorithm for the
diagnosis and management of AMI for use in general surgery
units, where routine use of angiography is impossible. The data
of 149 patients with AMI (67 with arterial thrombosis, 60 with
thromboembolism, 9 with venous thrombosis, 7 with nonocclusive
disease, 3 with aortic dissection, and 3 with other causes)
were analyzed. Surgery was performed in 127 patients. The
diagnostic value of several symptoms, the differential diagnosis,
and the correlation between operative options and results were
assessed while considering the etiology and level of acute
mesenteric artery occlusion. The results suggest that the
approach to surgical management depends on the etiology and
the level of the disturbance of the acute mesenteric circulation.
Key words: acute mesenteric ischemia- surgical treatmentrevascularization

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